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August 4, 2012
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Every Dollar Donated to PETA by Geekygirl43 Every Dollar Donated to PETA by Geekygirl43
So yeah, this is the shocking truth behind PETA. Also, that info is all true, I've googled it all. Just google it yourselves if you don't believe me. For more info go to these sites,…

Here are some possible FAQs I'll answer.

Q: Does PETA really kill animals?
A: Yes thanks to the sites Nokillnow and Nathan Winogrand, both of these sites have undeniable proof PETA has killed more animals then they have saved. It was even on the news in 2005 where PETA employees were caught euthanizing animals in the back of a van. Data from these sites also reveal that PETA brought a walk in freezer in 2002, one which they paid over 9,300 dollars for. A walk in freezer would buy something that was maybe 15 by 10 feet. A freezer that size is normally used for storing meat and dairy products which nobody at PETA would be caught with. But a freezer that large would also be used to store dead bodies, which is further proof that they kill animals. And here's a video where they openly admit to killing animals.…

Q: What do you mean by militant veganism? I thought being a vegan was healthy?
A: PETA's goal is total animal liberation, meaning no more meat, milk, eggs, or honey for consumption. This would also mean no more leather, fur, wool, silk, fishing, service animals, zoos no matter how high the standards, horseback riding, temporary captivity for marine mammals (IE rehabbing whales and dolphins until they can go back to the ocean),aquariums, animals used in medical research, circuses that use animals, even if they are only domesticated, and pets. This can't happen because not everyone can go vegan. I have a friend who like many people is heavily allergic to nuts and peanuts and chances are soy and other beans could get cross contaminated so she needs to eat meat in order to get protein, and certain vitamins and minerals. Also, there are people out there who are also allergic to soy and nuts so going vegan is impossible in order to get the right amount of protein and fat. Also, many people who were former vegans went back to animal based food due to loosing too much weight, not getting enough nutrition, and the fact that it's expensive. Another friend of mine even tried to go vegan twice and she got sick both times. Other data even reveals that without some kind of healthy oil or fat in your diet you won't be able to absorb nutrients from the fruit and vegetables you eat. A good plant based fat comes from sources that are not always in season including coconuts, almonds, avocados, and olive oil. That and due to a lack of animal products a vegan diet is very low in the necessary iron, vitamin B12, and Omega3. Also, even if you were vegan that doesn't mean you can't consume high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, other GMO plants, or Indonesian forest destroying palm oil. You see the main problem with obesity is not only because we're eating factory farmed meat, it's also because we're also consuming things with GMO ingredients we can't even say with less than 4 syllables or even be pronounced by a third grader.

Q: Do you support animal cruelty?
A: No, I just stand for animal welfare, meaning that we use animals for what we normally use but there's no cruelty involved. I eat organic animal products, limit my fast food intake as much as possible, I don't buy real fur *its crazy expensive and gets way too dirty too easily* I refuse to eat anything endangered*Shark fin soup ring a bell?* or foiegras, and I refuse to purchase anything from a pet store that gets there puppies or kittens form mills, I don't go to wild animals circuses, I don't support life long captivity for whales, I hate bullfighting, I avoid food with palm oil in it to help protect the orangutans, and I feel animal testing for cosmetics is backwards. However, I do find leather an exception because the cows used are killed for their meat so every last bit of the animal is used and pleather is made from a non renewable resource, oil.

Q:What domestic terrorism?
A: The FBI and USDA have classified PETA as terrorist threats in the 2000s, it was in the news. PETA has used people such as Rodney Coronado to blow up medical research labs and even has ties to the ALF, another known domestic terrorist group Ingrid Newkirk herself has even said that she's the last person to condemn the ALF. More recently she sent a letter to James Holmes AKA the Aurora Colorado shooter that he will be less violent if he went vegetarian. They had even compared Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh to Gandhi when he went vegetarian on his last meal.

Q: But I thought eating meat was bad for the environment?
A: Yes, if it's from factory farms, but a real pasture based organic farm no. What PETA doesn't want you to know is that even if the whole world went vegan the Amazon rainforest had many trees torn down for soy and corn. Soy is found in almost everything and the earth is gaining 80 million more people on average per year, we do have enough food to feed everyone but its given to factory farmed animals or turned into fuel, we could feed the world but it wouldn't be enough if everyone just had corn and soy to eat. Also, in the eyes of big agribusiness, supplies would be limited for so many people unless more tress are cut down, especially since most of this soy and corn is GMO. Over 30% of methane comes form mono cropped arsenic filled rice paddies, pleather is made from oil and synthetic fur is really made from nonrenewable resources and the factories where it's made releases toxic chemicals into the environment. Also, a huge chunk of vegan substitutes contain PALM OIL, usually associated with Indonesian rain forests being cut down or slashed and burned. This causes, human rights abuse for the indigenous people of Sumatra and Borneo, and the endangerment of Indonesian wild life including the orangutans and Sumatran tiger. Let's also not forget that most vegetarian food is often doused in toxic pesticides everyday to control weeds and bugs, and mono cropping with no crop rotation kills top soil and pollutes ground water. Also, one thing that is contributing to honey bees suffering from colony collapse disorder involve pesticides, GMOs and making them pollenate so many fruits and vegetables at once. So most vegan food will not save honey bees.

Q: Other than what's listed here what other hypocrisy is there?
A: One of their former vice presidents Mary Beth Sweetland who now works for the Humane Society is a type A diabetic that uses insulin tested on animals to stay alive. She feels she doesn't see herself as a hypocrite despite that she campaigned against medical testing on animals. How's that not Hypocritical? Also, Ellen Degeneres *Sp?* supports PETA but she did an ad for Covergirl and oil of Olay, companies that test their products on animals. Pink who did an ad against wool also was a spokes person for Covergirl later on and even openly admitted that she was not informed enough about wool. Joan Rivers supports PETA, but she wears FUR coats. Also, people who participated in the Ink not mink campaign forgot that most black tattoo ink is made from burnt animal bones. For more hypocrites go here.

Q:If this info is out there then why do they get so much Money?
A: Because they use scare tactics in order to trick people into giving them money. They don't go out and say that they are actually going to help animals, they say that they're going to stick the screws to the fur and meat industry and want you to believe what they say. Also, Charity Navigator has even given PETA just one star and reveals that most of the money they make goes towards making expensive advertisements, and protests while only 1% of their money actually goes to helping animals. And you thought that invisible children only donating around 30% of their money to helping children was a bad thing for them to do, these kids get at least about a couple million dollars. Compare that to PETA only donating 1% of their 33 million which is only about 4 to 330,000 dollars. Their main excuse to keep on killing animals is that they don't have the money to support them. Yeah, like 33 million dollars isn't enough money.

Also, do you really think I'm lying about sexism?…

Also if you want to help animals, please buy organic and/or pasture raised meat,milk, honey and eggs. Donate to animal welfare groups like WSPA and try to help endangered animals by donating to environmental and wildlife animal protection groups, or take your time to sign petitions to create better welfare for animals and keep up to date with endangered animals.

Update* Straight from the horses mouth about their support to the BSL. Their stance on pit bulls is,

"We hope that our support of such laws will stop people from bringing more of these animals into the world to be hurt and exploited."

This means that they feel all pit bull owners will raise them to be aggressive so they want these dogs to be banned form the planet.

Update 2: Apparently Newkirk also feels that PETA is doing the best thing by euthanizing animals, and even claims that a recent article written by Nathan J Winogrand (a no kill advocate) is false and claims PETA to be a shelter of last resort, and not kill healthy animals. What she doesn't know is that this is not what no kill means, no kill means that you only kill the animals if they are suffering and can't be cured, also if they really are a shelter of last resort then how come she doesn't remember the time when perfectly healthy puppies and kittens were killed and put into a dumpster?
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What did Ingrid Newkirk call Rod Coronado, an ALF member convicted of multiple firebombings? She called him, "a fine young man." Well, if destroying labs dedicated to saving lives and understanding the meaning of sacrifice makes him, "a fine young man," then I'd hate to see what would get him called, "a fucking monster!"
Simply being a meat eater will get you called a monster in her eyes, but she thinks the only people who are people are the people who act and think like her so of course she's insane.
Sadistic-Songbird Jul 11, 2013  Student
Oh gosh i hate peta so much and thier ignorant savage leader "Inbred" Newkirk i like to call her. And also BSL stands for bullshit law. I met a pitbull at a party a few weeks ago and he was super friendly (he kept humping another guys dog though XD). His name was Remmy. And I find it foolish of people to judge a breed just because it was bred for a cruel purpose. Like the saying goes, punish the deed not the breed.
Little-rolling-bean May 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am sure the supporters in the ads only did it for the money or have no idea about what the PETA really are.

Why is the goverment in America doing nothing?
glassreflections Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for creating this!! I loathe PETA with a passion and I even did a speech about BSL, and how PETA contributes to it and why people shouldn't support it.
It pisses me off that this group exists and that people support them >:(
Really? What did other people think?
glassreflections Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
They were shocked. And disgusted.
Good, one of my Aunts loves Labradors, and I know for a fact that Labs do have similar physical characteristics to the Pit bull, medium sized, short coat, solid muscular build, broad head, thick nose and powerful jaws. BSL targets all dogs that fit the pit bull characteristics chances are some dog breeds with no aggressive history could be next.
nijjawolf Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
PHDScienceFan Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Lol there are many commercials of men getting beaten up portrayed as lazy,idiotic,dirty slobs and no one cares about those commercials, but this commercial is sexist? just because it's a woman?
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